Where are we heading ?

How things have changed !

Back during my engineering studies days, had not accessed internet. Because there was no access !

I had written a poem that time, which was published in my college magazine :

Electronics !

Who has seen an electron ?
Neither I, nor you !

But when ANY CIRCUIT makes it DANCE,
We find our dreams come true !

That negligible mass, with power so vast,
it solves complicated tasks, accurately and fast.

we have reached the moon,
With the help of electron boon.

Functions it can perform are many,
may be very big or tiny.

we can see nature, beautiful and green,
onto a small phosphorescent screen,
with the help of electron beam.

So this is the world of electronics,
most advanced of all scientific tricks!

We can communicate in a strange language, using codes such as dih, dah, dit.
Of course with the help of electronics !

Looks primitive in present world. ¬†Doesn’t it ?

Seems I have to write a modern one now !

Will surely share when I write it.

Take care.

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