I wish to donate a billion dollars to NASA.

Thanks NASA for sharing your discoveries with the world.

Humankind’s quest for knowledge will never end.

NASA has been a pioneer to look outside earth to find more truths about the universe. And most importantly to share that knowledge with our world. Because of this knowledge, our perception about ourselves and our universe has changed for the better.

I would like to help contribute a bit in this never ending quest of searching new truths of the universe.

So I am expecting to be a multibillionare and help NASA since I like it so much.

Bon voyage NASA to explore more truths about our universe, from this “pale blue dot”  ( termed by Carl Sagan ? ) of this solar system.

Way to go !


Don’t just learn, take action !

Mind/brain is mysterious.

There are some, who have studied it extensively from the hardware point of view, like scientists, doctors, neurosurgeons.

They talk about neurons, synapses, neuro-peptides, firing of neurons, brain chemicals…

Some say mind is in the brain, some say it is throughout the body, as well as outside it, related to consciousness.

Some have studied its functionality from the outside, its effects.

We, general people, just have to just take it for granted !

We come into this world without any information, we learn from our immediate environment, people, school, college, books, internet, etc.

Despite that, some important life changing information is left out.

Results is the name of the game !

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Have faith. Keep learning.

But don’t just learn, take action!




Happy Valentine !!

Hello my Valentine, let’s dine,
Life now seems to be so fine !

Today is that special day,
to express my love for you, if not every day !

I was just pondering, what is life,
without my wife !

Thank you for all your support, now I am in peace,
else my mind would have more than one piece !

Was so busy with my career altitude, that I forgot to express my gratitude,
for the person who supported me throughout my crazy attitude.

For reminding that special person, thanks to the valentine day,
And because of that special person, I am, what I am today.

Happy Valentine !!

Sanjay Shinde
B.E (Electronics )
Bachelor of Electronics
( But not a bachelor in life, married since more than a quarter century ! )


Where are we heading ?

How things have changed !

Back during my engineering studies days, had not accessed internet. Because there was no access !

I had written a poem that time, which was published in my college magazine :

Electronics !

Who has seen an electron ?
Neither I, nor you !

But when ANY CIRCUIT makes it DANCE,
We find our dreams come true !

That negligible mass, with power so vast,
it solves complicated tasks, accurately and fast.

we have reached the moon,
With the help of electron boon.

Functions it can perform are many,
may be very big or tiny.

we can see nature, beautiful and green,
onto a small phosphorescent screen,
with the help of electron beam.

So this is the world of electronics,
most advanced of all scientific tricks!

We can communicate in a strange language, using codes such as dih, dah, dit.
Of course with the help of electronics !

Looks primitive in present world.  Doesn’t it ?

Seems I have to write a modern one now !

Will surely share when I write it.

Take care.

Started blogging !

Welcome to my Blog !

My name is Sanjay and this is my first post.

Hope you like it.

I  have been a lifelong learner. I like topics about Physics, Internet, Electronics  and  Self-help.

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Wishing you all the very best in life.

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